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Deepwatch and Lacework Partner to Deliver Unrivaled Cloud Security Solutions



TAMPA, Fla.–(Cyberpress)–Deepwatch, the leader in advanced managed detection and response (MDR) security, today announced a global strategic partnership with Lacework, the data-driven cloud security platform, to offer organizations comprehensive and proactive security solutions. This strategic partnership combines Deepwatch’s MDR expertise with Lacework’s advanced cloud security analytics, providing enterprises with an unmatched level of protection against modern cyber threats.

“The new partnership of Lacework and Deepwatch empowers customers by taking the cloud security burdens off of organizations and allowing them to instead focus on innovating and achieving their business outcomes”

With the increasing adoption of cloud technology, organizations face unique security challenges that require robust solutions.

“This partnership allows us to deliver a best-in-class cloud security solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by organizations in today’s cloud-centric landscape,” said Wes Mullins, CTO at Deepwatch. “By combining our MDR capabilities with Lacework’s advanced cloud security analytics, we empower organizations to confidently embrace the cloud while maintaining robust cybersecurity posture.”

Deepwatch and Lacework address these challenges head-on, offering:

  • Complete Cloud Security: Deepwatch and Lacework deliver end-to-end cloud security solutions that cover the entire attack surface within cloud environments, including workloads, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures. This partnership ensures that critical assets remain secure while organizations leverage the benefits of cloud technology.
  • Proactive Cloud Threat Detection: By combining expert security analysts and advanced threat detection capabilities, the partnership empowers organizations with proactive identification and swift response to emerging threats targeting cloud workloads. This proactive approach mitigates potential risks, safeguarding sensitive data and critical infrastructure.
  • Advanced Security Analytics: Deepwatch’s MDR services are enhanced by Lacework’s powerful cloud-native application protection platform. This integration allows for extensive cloud security telemetry collection and correlation, enabling organizations to gain deep insights into their cloud environments. With holistic visibility, organizations can enhance threat hunting, incident investigation, and overall security posture.
  • Efficient Incident Response: In the event of a security incident, Deepwatch and Lacework streamline the incident response process. The seamless integration between the platforms facilitates quick and effective incident containment, eradication, and recovery of threats targeting cloud workloads. This minimizes disruption to business operations and mitigates potential financial and reputational damages.
  • Industry Expertise: Deepwatch’s team of experienced security analysts, supported by their SOC-as-a-Service model, provides round-the-clock monitoring and actionable insights. Lacework’s cloud security expertise, complemented by their machine learning capabilities, delivers unparalleled cloud threat intelligence. Together, they offer organizations the combined strength of their specialized knowledge to combat evolving cyber threats effectively.

“The new partnership of Lacework and Deepwatch empowers customers by taking the cloud security burdens off of organizations and allowing them to instead focus on innovating and achieving their business outcomes,” said Brian Lanigan, VP of World Wide Channels and Alliances from Lacework. “The combination of Lacework’s best-in-class cloud security offerings and Deepwatch’s skilled personnel and industry-leading expertise allows us to provide our customers with solutions that continue to provide greater fidelity to help manage risk and further drive our focus on simplifying security for our customers.”

Deepwatch and Lacework’s collaboration enables organizations to proactively detect and respond to cyber threats, ensuring the protection of critical assets within cloud environments. With this partnership, enterprises can confidently navigate their digital future while minimizing risk and safeguarding their valuable data.

About Deepwatch:

Deepwatch is the leader in managed detection and response, protecting organizations from ever-increasing cyber threats. Powered by Deepwatch’s cloud security platform, Deepwatch provides the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive detection and automated response to cyber threats together with tailored guidance from dedicated experts 24/7/365 to reduce risk and improve security posture. The world’s leading companies, from the Fortune 100 to mid-sized enterprises, trust Deepwatch to protect their business. Visit to learn more.

About Lacework:

Lacework offers the data-driven security platform for the cloud and is the leading cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) solution. Only Lacework can collect, analyze, and accurately correlate data — without requiring manually written rules — across an organization’s cloud and Kubernetes environments, and narrow it down to the handful of security events that matter. Security and DevOps teams around the world trust Lacework to secure cloud-native applications across the full lifecycle from code to cloud. Get started at


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