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Halodoc Trusts PingSafe to Secure Their Cloud Infrastructure



SAN FRANCISCOCyberpress / PingSafe, the only CNAPP platform powered by attacker’s intelligence, announced that it has partnered with Halodoc, a leading digital healthcare provider, to help provide them with proactive cloud security and to modernize their security compliance.

Halodoc connects more than 20,000+ doctors, 4,000+ pharmacies, 2000+ hospitals, labs & clinics, and 20+ leading insurance partners to its 20M monthly active users. As Halodoc scaled its cloud infrastructure across AWS, while complying with multiple frameworks like HIPAA, SOC2, they realized there was a need to partner with a leading security provider to better respond to and manage these emerging cloud-based security challenges.

Halodoc, as many other cloud-native startups do, initially relied on native tooling for security posture management. However, as its cloud infrastructure became more complex, Halodoc realized there was a need to upgrade existing tooling to provide the gold standard of security that Halodoc aspires to maintain internally.

To solve these issues, Halodoc conducted an assessment with PingSafe and realized they could derive great value by utilizing PingSafe’s near real-time scans and alerts. PingSafe provided more comprehensive checks as compared to existing solutions and also significantly reduced the number of false positives improving the efficiency of Halodoc’s security team. PingSafe’s compliance dashboard also provided a single pane of glass view into various standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC2, allowing Halodoc to proactively maintain compliance across these standards.

Following this evaluation, Halodoc signed up with PingSafe to consolidate its multiple existing tools into a single context-aware CNAPP platform. By partnering with PingSafe, Halodoc was able to efficiently reduce its remediation time and was able to streamline its security compliance workflows.

“Cyber-attacks and hackers are getting smarter, leveraging automated tools to evolve their approach continuously. PingSafe understands an attacker’s mindset and strategy and can predict their patterns, which has been a great success for us. Also, it gives us better visibility across our complex cloud real estate,” says Lenish Namath, VP of Technology, Cloud, SRE & Security at Halodoc.

“Having discovered thousands of critical vulnerabilities in leading companies, we understand the mindset of hackers. At PingSafe, we incorporate this unique perspective into our cloud security approach allowing us to be better than traditional cloud security solutions. We are glad to help Halodoc address their security needs and we look forward to being their partner of choice for cloud security as they scale and grow,” says Anand Prakash, Founder & CEO, PingSafe.

About the company

PingSafe is the only CNAPP platform powered by attackers’ intelligence. PingSafe’s offensive security engine helps businesses address the most critical and exploitable vulnerabilities at blazing-fast speed and scale. PingSafe helps secure cloud environments across various hyper scalers like AWS, GCP, Azure and various deployments like Kubernetes, VMs, and serverless. PingSafe is securing customers’ cloud infrastructure across the globe and is a leader in the CNAPP category on G2. PingSafe is backed by Sequoia Surge, and was founded in 2021 and is based out of San Francisco and Bangalore.

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Ankit Pahuja, Marketing Lead
Email: [email protected]

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