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V3 Cybersecurity and Quadrant Information Security Establish Strategic Alliance



Jacksonville, Florida–June 7, 2023 — (Cyberpress) – V3 Cybersecurity and Quadrant Information Security have recently announced an exciting strategic partnership within the private equity sector, further enhancing their collective capabilities. The partnership brings together the expertise and products of both companies to provide portfolio level visibility with real-time monitoring and perpetual risk assessments. This unique approach will assist private equity firms in managing cybersecurity measures to meet organizational performance goals and risk management strategies.

V3 Cybersecurity and Quadrant Information Security announce strategic partnership

Due diligence is commonly extended to digital assets, which makes a potential investment’s security posture a vital factor in deal-making. Given the substantial volume of confidential information, personal data, and regulatory requirements managed by private equity firms, visibility into cyber risk is a keystone to success.

Jorge Conde-Berrocal, CEO and Founder of V3 Cybersecurity, stated, “Venture capital and private equity firms are recognizing the increasing convergence of technology risk and financial risk. It’s great to see a partnership that addresses this, offering a Cyber Risk and Performance Management solution to help portfolios align their cybersecurity with performance goals and risk profile.”

Jordan Kendall, CEO of Quadrant Security, added, “We’re thrilled to partner with V3 Cybersecurity to offer this solution, giving clients a comprehensive view of security maturity across their entire portfolio. Calculating risk, identifying gaps, benchmarking across industries, and monitoring progress over time – all in one location – is a game-changer for our private equity clients.”

The integration of services and product offerings has begun June 1, 2023. For more information, interested parties can visit and

About V3 Cybersecurity

V3 Cybersecurity is a cybersecurity firm specializing in cyber risk management and performance solutions. They are the creators of Minerva and Minerva EDU risk management suites. They prioritize a data-driven approach for aligning cybersecurity strategies with business objectives. Their SaaS products focus on comprehensive perpetual risk assessments, security policy alignment, compliance readiness, and strategic planning.

Quadrant Information Security

Quadrant Information Security provides cybersecurity services to help businesses protect their information systems. Centering on threat detection, Quadrant uses advanced technology to deliver effective solutions, including real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, and incident response.

V3 Cybersecurity Contact information:

Name: Carlos Conde
Email:¬†[email protected]

Quadrant Information Technology Contact information:

Name: Benjamin Skelly
Email:¬†[email protected]

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