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Vercara Wins 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award



UltraDDoS Protect garners recognition in Incident Response category

STERLING, Va.–(Cyberpress)–Vercara, a leading provider of cloud-based services that secure the online experience, has won a 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Award from the Business Intelligence Group. Vercara’s UltraDDoS Protect solution was honored in the award program’s Incident Response category. The Fortress Cyber Security Awards identify and reward the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep data and electronic assets secure and UltraDDoS Protect has earned an important place on the frontlines.

“We are honored that UltraDDoS Protect has been recognized for its formidable capacity to thwart cyber attackers before they have the opportunity to do real harm”

“We are honored that UltraDDoS Protect has been recognized for its formidable capacity to thwart cyber attackers before they have the opportunity to do real harm,” said Colin Doherty, CEO of Vercara. “Companies choose UltraDDoS Protect for its ability to keep their web presence running without interruption and value our commitment to providing 24/7 access to highly specialized experts in the moments that matter most. Now, more than ever, Vercara’s robust technology, threat insights, and hands-on support are critical to maintaining business continuity in the face of relentless attacks from bad actors.”

UltraDDoS Protect is built on a massive global mitigation network using best-of-breed technologies that protect against any DDoS attack — including zero-day attacks. It is one of the largest purpose-built, cloud-based, DDoS mitigation services in the world, with a data scrubbing capacity of 15+ Tbps. UltraDDoS Protect scrubs malicious Internet traffic away from an organization’s infrastructure and defuses the kinds of large, complex headline-making attacks that threaten operational stability.

“We are proud to name Vercara as a winner in the 2023 Fortress Cyber Security Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer, Business Intelligence Group. “As our society becomes increasingly more reliant on networks and online data, companies like Vercara are critical at providing the protection and trust consumers demand.”

More about Vercara’s UltraDDoS solution is available at Information about the annual Fortress Cyber Security Awards can be found at

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About Vercara

Vercara is a purpose-built, global, cloud-based security platform that provides layers of protection to safeguard businesses’ online presence, no matter where attacks originate or where they are aimed. Delivering the industry’s highest-performing solutions and supported by unparalleled 24/7 human expertise and hands-on guidance, top global brands depend on Vercara to protect their networks and applications against threats and downtime. Vercara’s suite of cloud-based services is secure, reliable, and available, delivering peace of mind and ensuring that businesses and their customers experience exceptional interactions all day, every day. Pressure-tested in the world’s most tightly regulated and high-traffic verticals, Vercara’s mission-critical security portfolio provides best-in-class DNS and application and network security (including DDoS and WAF) services to its Global 5000 customers and beyond. For more information, visit


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