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A Milestone for securing the Internet of Things: Infineon welcomes introduction of a voluntary U.S. IoT security label



WASHINGTON–(Cyberpress)–Today, U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger, Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Jessica Rosenworcel, and Laurie Locascio, Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) unveiled the U.S. national IoT security label at the White House.

Infineon Technologies announced support for the newly unveiled U.S. national IoT security label to address the growing need for IoT security.

Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) supports this action to address the growing need for IoT security. The new label supports the IoT security requirements under NISTIR 8425, which resulted from an Executive Order to improve the nation’s cybersecurity. This label will recognize products that meet these requirements by permitting them to display a U.S. government label and be listed in a registry indicating that these products meet U.S. cybersecurity standards.

“Security is crucial for the Internet of Things. Without sufficient cybersecurity, there cannot be any IoT,” said Thomas Rosteck, President of Connected Secure Systems, Infineon Technologies. “As a leading provider of semiconductors for security and IoT devices, Infineon welcomes the step the U.S. government has made and fully supports programs to boost cybersecurity for the Internet of Things. The U.S. label is a significant milestone towards strong global cybersecurity standards. We believe the implementation of this program will empower consumers and further boost the adoption of IoT products in the U.S. and beyond.”

Infineon semiconductors provide a secured foundation for many IoT devices. To demonstrate how easily Infineon products can be used to build secured IoT devices, Infineon’s IoT development kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012) will seek to obtain the U.S. national label. Certification of this development kit will help our customers to create IoT products that are compliant with the U.S. national label.

Infineon was involved in the development of the IoT label program through its participation as a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). The U.S. cybersecurity guidelines are closely aligned with several CSA standards, including the Matter standard. Matter provides device manufacturers with a secured communication standard for a wide range of smart home applications and thus improves connectivity between smart devices from different manufacturers. CSA’s Product Security effort (chaired by Infineon) will certify that IoT devices meet global security requirements, including those used by the U.S. national label. Together, these standards move the IoT to a higher level of interoperability and security.

For more information on IoT cybersecurity and Infineon’s approach to securing the ecosystem, please download the whitepaper “How to meet the IoT security requirements of today and tomorrow,” HERE.

About Infineon CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 IoT development kit

The CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 IoT development kit is based on a low-power, secured PSoC™ 6 microcontroller platform, and also uses Infineon’s low-power AIROC™ CYW43012 combo device for wireless connectivity. Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust-M security controllers can be paired with PSoC™ 6 for easy and secured cloud service provisioning.


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